Donation Opportunities

There are several donation opportunities throughout the year and for long term projects.

Funds for Learning Center is most 
immediate and urgent need to 
complete the construction. 
Please Donate & Invest in Our 
Future Generations.
  • Learning Center is a community asset and is being constructed for benefit of the entire community.
  • Learning center will have 10 multipurpose Flex rooms with state of the art equipment.
  • Classes at HSNC such as Sanskar, Balmukund, Jain, Hindi, Yoga & Dance will be operated from new Learning Center.
  • Learning Center rooms can be used for Educational, Dance, Yoga, Music classes, Senior group activities and meetings, Group Bhajans, Satsang events and any other personal events.
  • Your donations towards the Learning center will help reduce the mortgage for HSNC. You will also be eligible for tax breaks in the current year.

Donation can be given in memory of parents, family member or friend.

We are short of funds, and immediate donations will help reduce the mortgage we might have to take if do not receive donations of $400K before end of the year.

Donations for Learning Center will be recognized by Donor’s name on donor walls.

For Donations $10K and above, Donor’s names will be on the Wall at Entrance of Learning Center.

For Donations below 10K and above $1K, Donor’s names on Inside Corridor Entry Wall.

Sponsor a religious and cultural event

Besides learning center project, there are several religious and cultural events throughout the year, where you can sponsor the events.
Here are few major events. Please contact respective events Committee Volunteers, President, Treasurer or any Directors.

  • Mahashivratri Abhishek and celebration
  • Holi Cultural Program and celebration
  • Krishna Janmashtami Festival
  • Ganesh Festival
  • Navaratri Festival
  • Dushera Program and Ravan Dahan
  • Diwali Dhamaka
  • Govardhan Puja (Annakut)

Donation can be in form of Prasad as well.

Volunteer Time for HSNC operations, and events.

Religious and cultural events listed above required tremendous planning, preparations and team work on the day of the event. If you cannot not donation financially, sign up to volunteer.
Normal operations like facilities maintenance, communications, finance operations also requires yearlong commitment of several hours of volunteer time.

Triangle Community Wide Events

HSNC highly encourages members and devotees to participate in humanitarian and interfaith charitable activities. Donations for such activities can be made to HSNC and HSNC can pass the funds on to relevant organizations. Such participation strengthen HSNC image as an active community organization.

Land Purchase

With the growth of community in the area, HSNC property resources will continuously need to grow for decades to come. We highly encourage members to help purchase land surrounding the temple and HSNC premises.