Membership Guide

Last Updated:  Thursday, April 28th 2016

Associating with the HSNC
Members have three ways to stay connected with the HSNC and participate in the HSNC programs and activities:
1) Newsletter Subscriber
2) Registered Member
3) HSNC Life Member

1) Newsletter Subscriber

– Members who subscribe to receive HSNC Newsletters on the HSNC website are Newsletter Subscribers.
– The HSNC will have the subscriber’s name and email address provided during sign-up.
– Subscriber will receive Weekly HSNC Program emails and occasional updates about other HSNC activities.

2) Registered Member

Most members are registered members.
– Members who sponsor HSNC programs or perform religious services at the Temple or at home are registered in the HSNC website. When you donate by cash, check, or credit card, the HSNC registers your name, address, phone number and email provided in the donation form. The contact information is used to send weekly emails and HSNC program information by postal mail.
– Irrespective of sponsorship and donations, members who wish to receive HSNC emails and postal mails may fill a form at the HSNC , request a priest/volunteer or send an email at to become a Registered Member. We require your name, address, phone number and email.
Registered Member Benefits
– All donations to the HSNC are Tax-Exempt, except gift shop purchases (religious books, idols etc.). All the donations of a Registered Member are entered in the Registered Member’s profile and the HSNC sends a year-end donation report. Members can use the report to claim tax-exemptions on their annual federal tax returns (please consult your tax advisor).
– Members can make donations for HSNC programs and religious services through the website.
– Members can use the self-service kiosk at the HSNC to make donations.
– Members will receive Weekly HSNC Program emails and occasional updates about other Temple activities.
– Members will receive the annual HSNC Temple calendar, monthly-newsletter and HSNC program invitations for special annual programs by postal mail.

3) HSNC Member

Becoming a Registered Member doesn’t make a member a HSNC Member. However, HSNC recommends that you become a member of the HSNC.
Life Membership
Family/Senior/Student Membership Life*: $100
Renewal fee: $25 every year is required to maintain active membership status.

*Family Membership includes membership for parents and their children 18 years or less. Family membership does not include grand children or friend.
*Senior Membership is for individuals age 65+/.
*Student Membership is for full time students only.

To become a HSNC Member, click here to submit the membership form online.

Note: If you prefer to print the form, you can fill the Membership Form (click here to download) and submit it in person at the HSNC or mail it to the HSNC (309 Aviation Parkway Morrisville NC 27560). In person, you may pay by cash, check or credit card. By mail, you may pay by check or credit card.

HSNC Member Benefits (in addition to registered member benefits mentioned above):
– Eligibility to join HSNC Management
– Priority admission to attend the Gurukul classes
– Enrollment into Gurukul classes without any fee
– Priority in scheduling services
– Free Yoga classes
– Discount on Gurukul Camp and field trips
– Discount for Rental Hall facilities
– Voting rights for the Board of Trustees election

Life Members of HSNC are requested to collect there membership cards from the temple office
(Tues., Wed., Thurs., or Sat. 6:00-7:30).

The businesses listed below will give 10% discount to Life Members of HSNC: –

  1. GG Video
  2. Apex Marco’s Pizza, 1015 Davis Dr.
  3. Cary Biryani House, 744 E Chatham St.
  4. Cary Care First-Physcial Therapy 100 Cornerstone Drive
  5. Cary Triangle India Mart, 740 E. Chatham St.
  6. Cary Uduppi Restaurant, 590 E. Chatham St.
  7. Chapel Hill Raga Restaurant, 3140 Environ Way
  8. Morrisville Havelli, 962-B Airport Blvd.
  9. Morrisville Paradise, 10255 Chapel Hill Rd.
  10. Morrisville Raj Bhog, 3607 Davis Dr.
  11. Morrisville Sai Krishna Bhavan, 10970 Chapel Hill Rd. (Ste 108)

The following vendors will offer discount only on cash payments

  1. Raleigh Royal India, 3901 Capital Blvd (Ste. 103)
  2. Raleigh Zyaka Restaurant, 10410 Moncreiffe Rd. (Ste 104)

Membership and other donations have helped the HSNC :
– To become debt free
– Build nine new classrooms for the Gurukul students
– Build a large hall (Sanskritic Bhavan) to conduct wedding, birthday, baby shower, religious and/or other ceremonies
– Expand the HSNC  services for a growing Hindu population with five priests and a religious cook
– An industrial size kitchen that prepares delicious satvic mahaprasadam for the members
– Pay for the day-to-day operations of the HSNC i.e. utilities, property maintenance, flowers for deities, puja items, updated website, etc.
– Yagnashala – Build a new Yagnashala to perform Yagna and for recreational use.
– Future expansions and expanded services would be possible with your continued  generous donations

Privacy Policy : The HSNC respects the privacy of members. The HSNC does not share, sell or provide unauthorized access to members’ personal information. Members may cancel their membership/subscription at any time.