Election 2018

HSNC BOD By-Election

HSNC is seeking nominations for total of FOUR (4) BOD positions. This by- election is being conducted to fill the 2 existing BOD vacancies and 2 newly created BOD positions in the recently approved “Second Amended and Restated Constitution and Bylaws of HSNC”. Two existing vacancies are for two-year term (2018-2019) and two new positions are for three-year term (2018-2020). Election processes 2017 and the amendments approved in 2018 will be followed in conducting the elections. In case of any conflict, requirements set forth in the newly approved “Second Amended and Restated Constitution and Bylaws of HSNC” will supersede. The dates mentioned in existing election  process 2017 are to be adjusted according to the timing of this by-election.

Please send your completed nomination form (link provided below) and bio-data by email only at the address below so that it reaches the addressee before 5:00 PM on Wed. February 21, 2018.

The Chairperson – Election Committee: 2018election@hsnconline.org

HSNC Election 2018 Nomination Form

HSNC Election Process 2017

HSNC Election Policy Addendum – Jan 6, 2018

Additional Note: Besides these four BOD positions, a run-off to break a tie between two candidates that received the same number of total votes for a BOT position, will take place.