HSNC Navratri Mahotsav 2017

HSNC Wishes everyone a very Happy Navratri this year. Navratri 2017 (managed by Triangle Gujarati Community) will be at the HSNC Main Hall everyday with live music performance by group from India. Bleacher Style seating in the Garba Main Hall for comfortable and enjoyable viewing experience. Come Celebrate this year Navratri with HSNC.
Buy tickets online at www.hsncgarba.yapsody.com

Ticket prices and other info:
Advance Purchase (Limited Tickets)

  • $8 for HSNC Members
  • $12 for Non-Members

Gate Purchase (Limited Tickets)

  • $10 for HSNC Members
  • $15 for Non-Members

**New ALL 10 Days Pass**

  • $55 for HSNC Members
  • $85 for Non-Members
  • No refunds for any un-used days

Parking fee is $5 for weekend only (free for HOV 4 or more)
HSNC Members purchased tickets will be verified at the gate.

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Temple & Aarti Schedules

Temple Hours & Aarti Schedule

Temple Hours 7:00 AM to 9:00 PM
Morning Arati 10:00 AM Sat & Sun
10:30 AM All other days
Evening Arati 6:00 PM Sat & Sun
8:00PM Tue & Thurs
7:00 PM All other days

2017-Facility Management & Priests

Functional Role Name Phone Number Email Address
Facility Manager Trilok Pillai (919) 599-9567 rental@hsnconline.org
Facility Manager Haresh Tanna (919) 610-1495 facilities@hsnconline.org
Pooja Scheduling Poornima Bhat (919) 450-5244 religious@hsnconline.org
Priest Chetmoni Rizal
Priest Dwarikaprasad Trivedi
Priest Krishnakant Adharyu

Important Email Addresses

Committees Email Addresses
Rental rental@hsnconline.org
Events events@hsnconline.org
Finance finance@hsnconline.org
Religious religious@hsnconline.org
Membership membership@hsnconline.org
Summer Camp summer.camp@hsnconline.org
Communications communications@hsnconline.org
Webteam info@hsnconline.org

Temple Scheduled Pooja and Services

Days Time Event Contact Name Phone #
Every Sunday 7 to 8 PM Gayatri Bhajans,
Prayer & Aarti
Jayanti Patel 919-469-8111
Every Sunday 4 to 6 PM Sai Baba Bhajans Ganesh Kumar 919-833-7523
1st Sunday 6 AM to 6 PM Recitation of Ramayan Saroj Sharma 919-851-0225
2nd Sunday 11 AM to 1PM Devi Havan Narayan Deo 919-460-1260
2nd Sunday 4 to 6 PM Vaishnav Bhajans Arvind Shah 919-233-7677
3rd Sunday 10:45AM to 2 PM Jain Meeting
3rd Sunday 4 to 6 PM Vedic Havan B.S. Gupta 919-852-0633
4th Sunday 4 to 6 PM Bhajans Dhananjay Patel
N.D. Patel
5th Sunday 4 to 6 PM Sunder Kand Recitation Saroj Sharma 919-851-0225
Every Monday 7:30 PM Shiv Abhishek N.D. Patel 919-846-6179
Every Monday 7:30 to 9:00 PM Jain Swadhyay
group discussion
in the Library
Every Tuesday 11 AM to 12 Noon Sunder Kand Recitation Saroj Sharma 919-851-0225
Every Tuesday 7:45 PM Hanuman Chalisa Subhash Chandra 919-571-9174
Every Thursday 11 AM to 12 Noon Bhagvatum Saroj Sharma 919-851-0225
Every Thursday 6:30 to 8:00 PM Gita Study Group Shobha Saraiya 919-380-1145
1st Thursday 7:30 to 8:30 PM Sai Baba Bhajans Ganesh Kumar (919) 833-7523
3rd Friday 7 to 9 PM Vishnu Sahasranama Venu Ravi 919-466-9609
Every Saturday 10 to 11 AM Mahavir Puja